5 Ways to Get Summer Ready Without Hitting the Gym

Our short Sarasota winter is almost over and summer is right around the corner. For most of us that means pools, beaches and boating, and showing a bit more skin. Of course, your favorite workout is always essential to get bikini ready, but I have a few other tools in mind to add to your summer beauty arsenal.


1.      Sunscreen – Sunscreen is an absolute must not only for the weekend but every day in Florida. Simply walking to your car or driving around town your skin is being damaged by harmful UV rays. My go-to is iS Clinical’s Eclipse SPF 50+ PerfectTint® Beige. Its super lightweight and has a matte finish that looks great on its own or under makeup and enriches your natural skin tone.

2.      Airbrush Spray Tan – Just because you’re wearing your sunscreen, doesn’t mean you can’t still be tan. An airbrush spray tan is a terrific way to get your summer glow without the damage. Airbrush tans can be customized to the depth and color that looks most natural for your skin and can last up to a week.

3.      Balayage Highlights – Now that you have your summer glow its time to brighten up those locks to match. The balayage technique involves creatively placing hand-painted highlights throughout your hair to achieve a highly-coveted, sun-kissed looking result. A huge benefit to this style of highlighting is how naturally it grows out. With no harsh line at your roots, you can go longer between appointments and keep your hair looking fresh even if you are traveling and can’t get in for a touch-up.

4.      Pedicure – We may love a good opportunity to throw on some sexy boots in the winter but as soon as the temperatures get back up into the 80’s, its time to pull out your flip flops! Before you sink those toes in the sand though, you’re going to need a pedicure appointment. A scrub to slough off that dry winter skin, a fresh coat of lacquer to make your nails shine, and a relaxing massage just because you deserve it, and your feet will be summer ready in no-time.

5.      Lash Extensions – There’s nothing worse than dark circles under your eyes, but once that Florida humidity hits, even your favorite waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance. With eyelash extensions, mascara can be a thing of the past. Add length and volume and wake up every morning looking fabulous!


Enjoy the last few weeks of cooler weather and maybe a few more sweater days, but in the meantime pick up a bikini, grab a new pair of sunnies, and schedule your summer beauty services at Fresh.

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